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306.734 MURNIGH
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New York : Free Press, c2012.
xv, 204 p. ; 22 cm.
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1st Free Press trade pbk. ed.
Shares relationship advice borrowed from famous literary characters from Dido to Jane Eyre, revealing what their classical foibles, misadventures, and eventual triumphs can teach modern victims of the dating scene.
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Much ado about loving : prepping yourself for something real. The hell jar : Why it's your problem if no guy is good enough ; Overly great expectations : why idealizing someone can come back to bite you ; The heart is a lonely little guy : What to do with all that longing ; Bride and prejudice : does wanting to get married give you champagne goggles? ; Lightbulb in August : how to have a clue when he's just not that into you -- As you'd like it (or so you think) : mistakes we often make. Jane erred : why it's silly to put principles over passion ; The tragic mountain : beware of leaping before you look ; Bright nights, big shitty hangovers : the perils of drinking and hooking up ; Love in the time of online dating : why too much emailing can be dangerous -- Tragicomedy of errors : types to watch out for. No-so-great Gatsby : is it flattering or creepy when a guy persists? ; Infinite gesticulating : why do men talk so much? ; Farewell to charms : the macho man--can he have a soft side? ; A real pain in the Aeneas : sometimes it's really not you--it's him -- The taming of the-- who? : the seduction process. Scorin' piece : Tolstoy's surefire way to be wanted by everyone ; Sex and sensibility : are relationships that start with wild passion doomed? ; Remembrance of things passed on : don't try to get back together! ; The blabbers Karamazov : the dangers of revealing too much too soon -- All's well that ends with an orgasm : ah, yes, the sex. Tropic of romancer : Henry Miller knows how to get it on ; Lady's chattering lover : ten things not to say after sex ; The sun also rises (but sometimes not the penis) : how to handle "male issues" ; Sabbath's Peter : how to have hot sex at any age -- Midsummer's (or any other season's) nightmare : signs you should abandon ship. Moby dickheads : why workaholics and other obsessives are bad news ; The brief wondrous life of my last relationship : are men genetically coded to cheat? ; Revolutionary road to hell : lose the guy who is still trying to find himself ; Sons and mother-lovers : yes, he can love his mom too much -- Love's labors found : making it work. To the doghouse : how to deal with unfeeling men ; Rabbit, run screaming : the problem of boredom in marriage ; Madame ho-vary : is cheating ever okay? ; Manna Karenina : what if a lover just drops from the sky? ; Bleak house? Not this one : Dickens's recipe for the perfect marriage ; Coward's end : what happens if you sacrifice your politics for love? -- Mistaken lonelyhearts : trust us-- advice columnists don't know everything.
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