Energy for the 21st century : a comprehensive guide to conventional and alternative sources
by Nersesian, Roy L.
Format: Book
Summary: List of Tables and Figures: Top world ethanol producers -Contribution of biomass -Employment, productivity and safety -Shareholdersʼ percentage -Employment patterns of jack-ups and semisubmersibles -Historical development of refining processes -Write-up of OPEC reserves -Worldʼs largest oil fields -Energy content of motor vehicle fuels -How far can a gasoline tax go? -International natural gas pipeline movements -U.S. electricity generating units -Worldʼs largest dams in terms of electricity generation -Economic analysis of actual solar energy system -Calculating carbon release -Global warming potential and atmospheric lifetime of greenhouse gases -Proposed CAFE standards for light trucks -Average annual energy costs of oil and natural gas -2030 projected oil demand and supply -Exhausting a resource -History of the global population -Percentage of population below age 15 -Annual change in world population -Energy consumption and world population growth -Global per capita energy consumption -Marine life harvest -Energy consumption -Growth in world electricity demand -Worldʼs leading nations in electricity generation -Energy sources for electricity generation -Global coal production/consumption -Worldʼs leading consumers/ producers of coal -Known coal reserves and R/P ratios U.S. Oil and coal prices- Oil consumption by nation in 2002 -Role of coal in China and India -Role of Coal in the United States and Europe -Role of coal in Russia and Japan Growth in World and U.S. Oil consumption and OPEC production -U.S. oil consumption and production -
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