The wake of the Lorelei Lee being an account of the adventures of Jacky Faber on her way to Botany Bay
by Meyer, L. A. (Louis A.), 1942-
Format: Audio Ebook, Nonmusical Sound Recording, Sound Recording, Electronic Resources
Summary: Jacky Faber, rich from her exploits diving for Spanish gold, has purchased the Lorelei Lee to carry passengers across the Atlantic. Believing she has been absolved of past sins against the Crown, Jacky docks in London to take on her crew, but is instead arrested and sentenced to life in the newly formed penal colony in Australia. To add insult to injury, the Lorelei Lee is confiscated to carry Jacky and more than 200 female convicts to populate New South Wales...
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Series: Meyer, L. A. (Louis A.), 1942- Bloody Jack adventure.

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