Reinventing the meal : how mindfulness can help you slow down, savor the moment & reconnect with the ritual of eating
by Somov, Pavel.
Format: Book
Summary: "Everyone wants to feel more relaxed and connected with their bodies, but how? And more importantly, when? Many people's busy schedules leave little time for lengthy meditation practices and when life is most stressful and meditation most needed, many of us dispense with quiet time first. Reinventing the Meal offers a new way to get mindful moments in--by centering these important and beneficial practices around mealtimes. At least three times a day, readers can practice the art of becoming present, mindful, and relaxed. This "three course" approach introduces strategies for practicing relaxation and breathing, moving forward into meditation techniques, and, finally, learning to eat mindfully. The book offers intriguing exercises, rituals, and meditations rooted in ancient and modern traditions that make mindful eating appealing and possible for anyone. The book also brings global awareness to eating practices and encourages readers to consider the source of their food"-- Provided by publisher.
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