I'd like to apologize to every teacher I ever had my year as a rookie teacher at Northeast High
by Danza, Tony.
Format: Audio Book on CD
Summary: Tony Danza had it good. He was a successful actor, well liked, with several hit shows to his name. But he'd always had a nagging doubt--was this all there was? Could he be doing something more meaningful, could he go beyond getting laughs and actually make a difference? What if he became, of all things, a teacher? It seemed a little far-fetched, true. He had little training and no experience. He was ready to learn. So how hard could it be, really? Well, as Tony discovered over a year teaching English at Philadelphia's Northeast High, hard. Really hard. But also rewarding, infuriating, inspiring, terrifying, and, ultimately, life-changing. Teaching was in fact the best and most difficult thing he ever attempted, and this book relives the amazing story of what happened.
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